Prototype LEGO Sets: DNA/RNA, Protein, and tRNA
  • K-12 students learn how to assemble protein molecules
    K-12 students learn how to assemble protein molecules

Teach abstract concepts in concrete ways.

This curriculum is posted online for organizations that already own the prototype LEGO DNA and Protein Sets (not available for purchase). 

The original prototypes for the Edgerton Center's DNA curriculum were designed using LEGO bricks. And from there, we created the MIT Edgerton Center patented curriculum available for purchase. We gained invaluable feedback on the efficacy of these hands-on materials in the development and testing of the prototype with teachers.

Lesson Overview

The set contains 14 kits of DNA made with LEGO bricks, 14 kits of Proteins made with LEGO bricks and 9 kits of tRNA made with LEGO bricks. These materials were piloted with MIT.

Note: The LEGO DNA, Protein, and tRNA Sets are only the prototype models, and not available for purchase. If you'd like more information about our updated sets, contact us at If you are already teaching with these materials, please fill out the required Feedback Report for Teachers Currently Using the DNA and Protein Sets. These teacher evaluation responses are required by the agencies funding the projects at MIT. Note that the Safari browser may not display the survey or feedback report. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer instead.

Informational Videos

Teacher Resources

PDF icon DNA, Protein, and tRNA Teacher's Guide - Draft Version
These lesson plans were created for the Boston Public Schools to fit into a four/five day sequence. The Teacher Guide does not utilize every LEGO activity. For example the activity, "Egg Proteins into Muscle Proteins" in Protein Booklet 1 (pages 19-23) was not incorporated into these plans. Please check the booklets for additional activities.

The following four PowerPoint Documents will help teachers lead a class through the four lessons described in the Teacher Guide.


MIT Edgerton Center LEGO Prototype videos on our YouTube channel:

Documents (also found in the Teacher's Guide) for Managing LEGO Bricks Set Components

  •  PDF icon DNA Content List: Replace this paper in the clear pocket on the outside of each storage carton
  •  PDF icon Team Kit Care Form: Replace this paper in the clear pocket inside each plastic kit

Student Booklets and Laminates

The version date is May 2, 2011

Software Packages

Molecular Workbench Software

The Molecular Workbench Activity, "From DNA to Proteins and Protein Folding," is online at

A CD was distributed in the DNA and Proteins Set and the above link will take you to the same 11 interactive lessons about DNA and protein structure and how proteins are made. In this version, modified for MIT by the Concord Consortium, the colors on the screen will match the colors of the  nucleotides A, C, T, G. The colors of the amino acids made with LEGO bricks will also match. Having the colors of the models be consistent across all the different multimedia representations can be very helpful.

Star BioChem Software

  • Star BioChem is a tool developed at MIT for easy 3-D viewing of proteins from the Protein Data Bank. Use this program with advanced biology students to teach protein structure. Visit to download the software for free.  The software user manual is online at and is an excellent walk-through of all software tools.
  • Visit for many excellent worksheets on various protein topics, such as hemoglobin and sickle cell anemia, DNA glycosylases, and an introduction to basic macromolecules.  All worksheets guide students through use of the software from the beginning.

DNA Repair and Glycosylases

  • Office presentation icon Introduction to Glycosylases
    Teacher Notes: This PowerPoint can be used as a standalone component. The PPT explains how DNA repair proteins prevent mutations from occurring by using a common example of 8 oxoguanine as the damaged nucleotide. It is recommended that teachers use the PPT to introduce the concept of DNA repair prior to working with the Star BioChem DNA glycosylase exercise below. This PPT was authored by Dr. Lourdes Aleman. Kindly credit the slides should you incorporate them into your own presentations.
  • PDF icon DNA Glycosylase Exercise
    This is a sample exercise for the Star BioChem software above.  It guides students through use of the software by exploring the structure and function of a human DNA glycosylase in the process of repairing a damaged DNA base.  This exercise is appropriate for advanced high school biology students and undergraduate biology courses.
  • Additional Teacher Resources
    Additional teacher resources for this exercise.

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