One 207 MPGe car, one author, and one engineer
  • EVT member Roberto Melendez, G, Kevin Smith, and Prof. J. Kim Vandiver
  • Driving up State Street on a test drive
  • The car arrives onto State Street in Cambrdige
  • Illuminati's car "Seven" seen from the back
Sunday, December 15, 2013

MIT students on clubs and teams had the chance to meet the 207 MPGe electric car Seven (built for the Automotive X Prize), Kevin Smith of Illuminati Motor Works, and Ingenious author Jason Fagone on their Northeast tour on Monday, December 9th in the N51 Clubs and Teams Garage. Beacuse of the snow storm that Monday, the car was not be displayed at the Stratton Student Center as was intended. 

The car was trailored to the N51 garage, and parked underneath EVT's electric Prosche. Kevin and Jason did an informal question and answer session; some students even went for a test drive.

There was a large turn out at the Coffeehouse event later that evening sponsored by Tau Beta Pi with a presentation by Jason and Kevin. Jason autographed books and sold as many as he carried with him. 

Jason remarked afterwards that "it was inspiring to meet such a smart group of young and mature engineers alike. The questions were sharp and informed and based on real hands-on experience, and Kevin loved the back and forth. It was exactly the kind of conversation we were hoping to have when we first got the idea to go on tour."

About Seven, the 207MPGe electric car

"Seven is the retro-funky car of the future. An electric car that harkens back to the aerodynamic models of the ’30s and ’40s. Four seats. Longer than a Lincoln Town Car, with huge, bulbous fenders and gullwing doors similar to those on the DeLorean from Back to the Future. Built entirely by hand, using scavenged parts from junkyards, steel tubes melted in a wood stove, plywood, foam, epoxy, and fiberglass." Jason Fagone

About Ingenious, a True Story of Invention, Automotive Daring, and the Race to Revive America

Ingenious author Jason Fagone follows three teams building electric cars to compete in the Automotive X Prize. The cast of characters includes the super light Edison2, Seven, and a West Philadelphia high-school team's Focus  which marries a Harley Davidson motorcycle engine, an electric motor, and a magnetic clutch salvaged from a farm tractor. Meet the cast of characters. 

"Ingenious is a story of tinkerers, garage hackers, racers, & entrepreneurs who tried to do something they were told was impossible."  Jason Fagone