• The Edgerton Center offers a wide range of subjects for MIT students
  • Issues in international development, appropriate technology and project implementation are discussed in the class
    Dominick Reuter


For-credit subjects are designed to provide students with experiential knowledge of how to make things work, be it building a microcontroller or developing a strobe-photography experiment. The suite of D-Lab subjects teaches students to apply their knowledge to help solve technical challenges in the developing world.

The Edgerton Center also supports MIT students’ independent projects, and offers a variety of projects through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). And there is a summer short program in high-speed imaging for professionals.

Electronics Project Laboratory, D-Lab Development, and Strobe Lab are a few representative subjects.

Independent Projects
Build a potato cannon, a solar panel, or an electric skateboard; the choice is yours.

Edgerton UROPs range in scope from electronics to design projects to teaching in the K–12 outreach program.

Short Program for Professionals
A one-week program designed for scientists, engineers, and photographers.