IAP 2017

EC.050/EC.090 (G)  Re-create Experiments from History: Inform the Future from the Past

(1-3-2, P/D/F)  MWF 1-5p, plus time TBA, 4-402. Starts January 9.

Look at the world with fresh eyes.  Experience its wonder.  
Explore together with companions from history:  Ben Franklin, Ben Banneker and others…
Create and re-create experiments fueled by your questions and curiosities.
Past projects include:  following shadows in space and time; watching the night sky by eye and historical means; making educational/music videos; uncovering physical effects underlying historical discoveries; MIT history through buildings and observing…  
Your own story uncovers insights for educational research.
What will you notice and explore?

Contact: Elizabeth Cavicchi ecavicch@mit.edu