Chinese students set sights on an MIT future
  • Students pay close attention to Edgerton Center Instructor Ed Moriarty
    Students from Beijing, China pay close attention to Edgerton Center Instructor Ed Moriarty during a10-day project-based engineering workshop
Friday, May 24, 2013

Edgerton instructors Ed Moriarty, Alban Cobi and Jessica Garrett spent ten days this month leading two groups of 32 middle and high school students from Beijing, China, in science and engineering projects. Assisted by MIT and Wellesley students, as well as an MIT alumnus, each group spent five intensive days building LED light boxes with integrated circuits, experimenting with high-speed photography, learning about sound and experimenting with speakers.

“Chinese students are very grateful that MIT opened the door to them,” said Pei Zhang, executive director of the US China Scitech Education Promotion Association and organizer of the visit. “The students achieved more than they expected. Not only did these students gain a new perspective on how to connect science with the real world, but they also surpassed a learning curve by learning in a completely different cultural environment.”

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