Engineering Design Group for Exhibitions

The Engineering Design Group for Exhibits (EDGE) works alongside the staff of the Boston Museum of Science, the MIT Museum, the Park Museum, and similar institutions to design custom devices and exhibits for display. EDGE also teaches any MIT student who wants to be involved, the fundamental skills required to become a productive member of the club. EDGE also supports and showcases the development of student projects not necessarily designated for museum exhibitions. An emphasis is placed on documentation of the work done for each project to make sure it is easily replicable in the future.

Engineering Design Group for Exhibitions At a glance

Number of Members:

12 members in 2014-2015
Team leaders: 
  • Aaron Rose
  • Morgan Stewart
Year began: 
Allan Doyle
Seth Riskin
MIT Museum Studio (10-150)
Current projects

The team is currently working on a Dry Dock Model for the USS Constitution Museum which can be seen in their studio. EDGE has an open-end goal of producing and repairing anything museum-related.