MIT Driverless

MIT Driverless is a team of MIT students competing in the new autonomous vehicle racing event, Formula Student Driverless (FSD). FSD is a new addition to Formula Student Germany, a competition with over 35 years of history in which students design, build, test, and race electric and combustion cars.

Students from MIT Driverless are collaborating with students from Formula Student Team Delft, which is based in the Netherlands. While Delft students will provide the hardware platform capable of 3.5g turns and 0-60 mph acceleration in 2.2s, MIT Driverless students will accelerate the progress of software development and provide access to leading-edge academic research.

The competition takes place in August of 2019 in Germany.

MIT Driverless At a glance

Number of Members:

35 members in 2018-2019
Team leaders: 
  • Luke Kulik
  • Skanda Koppula
  • Andrew Foster
Year began: 
Sertac Karaman
Luca Carlone
Robert Shin

The First Ever Formula Student Driverless Team from the United States

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