MIT Robotics Team
  • Field diagnostics at NASA's Johnson Space Center

The MIT Robotics Team was one of eight teams to be chosen to compete in the 2014 RASC-AL/NASA (Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts / Academic Linkage) engineering competition sponsored by NASA and organized by the National Institute of Aerospace. The team placed second. Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to create a multi-disciplinary team to build a planetary rover prototype and demonstrate its capabilities to perform a series of competitive tasks in field tests at the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Rock Yard in June 2014.

MIT Robotics Team At a glance

Number of Members:

18 members in 2013-2014
Team leaders: 
  • Reo Baird
Year began: 
Olivier de Weck
Team goals

To successfully compete in the 2014 2014 RASC-AL/NASA Robo-Ops competition.

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