• A team of lunch-box-sized robots play soccer
  • Robocup team makes last-minute checks before the competition
    Courtesy Robocup

The Robotic Futbol Club Cambridge (RFC-Cambridge), also known on campus as the Robocup team, is a joint MIT–Harvard team. We build and maintain a team of at least five lunch-box-sized robots to play a soccer-like game against other teams at the international Robocup competition.

Robocup At a glance

Number of Members:

28 members in 2013-2014
Team leaders: 
  • Lisa Liu
Year began: 
Recent Activities

Robocup traveled to the Netherlands to participate in the 2013 Robocup Competition.

Most Notable Moment

In an effort to pull an all-nighter, the team eventually fell asleep in Maxwell Dworkin Houst at Harvard where their robots play soccer. The team was woken up the next morning by a high school debating team who had been assigned the room for a debate compeitition. 

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