Solar Electric Vehicle Team
  • The MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team racing in the 2011 World Solar Challenge in Australia
  • SEVT racing in the World Solar Challenge
  • Left to right: Liotta, Chang, Sloane, Uyehara, Kikani, Gonzalez, Fellows, and Chao
    Denis Paiste

The Solar Electric Vehicle Team is a student organization dedicated to designing, building, and racing 100% solar-powered electric vehicles in long-distance international competitions.

Solar Electric Vehicle Team At a glance

Number of Members:

15 members in 2014-2015
Year began: 
Team goals

The team traveled to Austin, Texas for the American Solar Challenge this past summer advancing through the first round but stopped short of the open road race due to mechanical difficulties. The team is now looking towards the World Solar Challenge 2015 in Australia next and will be building a four-wheeled vehicle for the race.


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