Recreate Experiments from History: Inform the Future from the Past (G)

Provides perspective for thinking about the future through the study of historical physical science and historically significant experiments. Designed to build awareness of the unexpected through both observation of the sky and lab activities that focus on light, electricity, and motion. Labs are complemented by museum and site visits; readings include accounts by Galileo, Archimedes, and other historical observers. Individual and team assignments provide opportunities to develop skills in observation, exploration, and evaluation. Students must keep an observing notebook and write a reflective paper; students taking the graduate version complete additional assignments.

FALL 2017: Look at the world with fresh eyes. Experience its wonder.
Explore together with companions from history: Archimedes, Galileo and experimenters curious about all they observe.
Create and re-create experiments fueled by your questions and curiosities.
Past projects include: following shadows in space and time; printing with type; watching the night sky by eye and historical means; making educational/music videos; uncovering physical effects underlying historical discoveries; MIT history through buildings and observing… Your own story uncovers insights for educational research.

What will you notice and explore?
Contact: Elizabeth Cavicchi

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