STEM Enrichment Activities

For Rising 5th - 9th Grade Students

Initially developed for i2 Camp, the Center has developed more than a dozen STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum modules that can be adapted to the classroom environment and beyond.

Lesson modules are accompanied by teacher guides, learning objectives, lesson plans, assessments, and resource guides. Bills of Material assume a maximum of 20 students per class and ~25-30 hours of contact time. Each session – materials and supplies – can be held for under $2,000, some for much less.

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3-D Printing - Beginners

This course teaches the beginner how to design in a 3-D environment using the web-based platform TinkerCad. Students will learn how to,,,

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3-D Printing for Advanced Students

Rapid prototyping using 3-D printers is revolutionizing the way people design solutions for everyday problems, as well as how manufacturer’s...

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App Inventor

Smart phones and tablets have changed computing and the world. This is your opportunity to build an app that will improve your community.

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Digital Game Design

Technology allows us a chance to be an artist, sound designer, programmer and storyteller all at once, with room to express ourselves in any of those areas.

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In this module, students will learn that certain animals are dying in alarming numbers in a hypothetical town. Based on information they are given,

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Electronic Engineering and Design

This one-week beginner course designed for students who have no previous experience in electricity or electronics.

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Energy Engineer

This unit provides students with a deep exploration of basic energy concepts and renewable sources of energy and puts them in motion through a hands-on...

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Engineering Design Workshop

Explore how engineers design and build our magical modern world. In this course we will learn about the process of engineering design,

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Fundamentals of Electronics

Get a hands-on education in what goes on inside the world of electronics. In this course different sensor, logic and output “Doo-bobs” will be used to explore...

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Kinetic Sculpture - Newly Revised!

Students are introduced to key concepts and skills of kinetic sculpture, including balance, gearing, energy sources and design-oriented thinking.

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