Workshop Resources

Below are some selected resources that deal with Makerspace Pedagogy. If you have anything you would like to share with the larger group (articles, news, videos, pictures, etc.), please email them to Bob Vieth and they will be posted.​​


Workshop Participants
Rubrics and Rubric Makers
E-Portfolio Rubric example
Types of Portfolios


Building a Portfolio: What it is, Why have one, How to do it
A Practical Guide to Open Portfolios
How do Portfolios Measure Up?
Maker Portfolios-Authentic Assessment that Tells a Story
MakerEd Open Portfolio Project: Research Briefs

Doing Q Methodological Research  Watts, S., & Stenner, P. (2012).  Doing Q methodological research: Theory, method and interpretation. Los Angeles: Sage.

PowerPoint Presentations

Bob's Deck - The Pedagogy of Makerspaces
Sara's Deck - Makerspace Projects Across Subjects


Portfolio Comments


Edgerton Center Maker Spaces (compiled and curated by Diane Brancazio)
Meadowbrook School of Weston Eureka!ab