EVT's eSuperbike at the Isle of Man Competition
Electric Vehicle Team's energy efficient future

If you haven’t heard much about the Electric Vehicle Team lately that could soon change. Many... Read more

After 3,022 km, at the finish line in Adelaide
SEVT's Arcturus completes the World Solar Challenge

Laboring for countless hours on the lower body layup, sleeping under the stars in Australia,... Read more

Kathy Vandiver, right, explains molecule sets to, (left to right) Prof. Kim Vandiver, Dr. Jeffrey Leiden, and Congressmen Joe Kennedy
Scaling inspiration at MIT STEM summit

The Edgerton Center had a large presence at the Scaling STEM event in at MIT in September.... Read more

Arcturus in the Ford Wind Tunnel
MIT Solar Car to take on Australian outback

A team of 17 MIT students and alumni will travel 3,000 kilometers across the Australian Outback... Read more

Instructor Ed Moriarty and  students from Team Lite
Engineering Design Workshop Final Presentations

After a month hard at work, high-school students in Engineering Design Workshop will unveil... Read more

EOD technicians work with 3-D printed models
Defusing bombs by color

Professor J. Kim Vandiver uses 3-D printing to help in explosives disposal in Cambodia. Vandiver... Read more

Roberto Melendez '12 SM '14 at work in the Area 51 CNC shop
Area 51 CNC shop open for business

Area 51 is not only a U.S. Air Force facility in Nevada surrounded by secrecy, it is also the... Read more

SEVT outside of the Area 51 shop
Solar Electric Vehicle Team to participate in 2015 World Solar Challenge

The Solar Electric Vehicle Team is at work on the 13th iteration of their solar car, Arcturus,... Read more

Water drop, black background
High-speed imaging news

Water Drop Images by Kyle Hounsell '13, MNG '14, Thery Mislick, Victoria Gunning '15, and Ed... Read more

Orlando Ward at work on Formula SAE vehicle
MIT’s ‘Area 51’ goes beyond theory for the ultimate in hands-on learning

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