Posing in their traditional dress after the DNA dance
Girls from the Bayan Garden School build skitter-bots, solve crimes, and race Lego cars

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Students receive instruction from Fitzgerald and Pisini
Students from the Beverly School for the Deaf visit the Edgerton Center

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Airware founder credits Edgerton Center skills

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Arcturus Homecoming

After traveling over 3,000 kilometers across the Australian Outback last October in the 2015... Read more

Duncan Wheeler photographs his team's constructed underwater world
From the Alumni Pool to the reefs of Belize, MIT students learn how to illuminate the deep

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Sparks of electricity illuminate the air between two tesla coils at MOS
Visiting artist Keith Ellenbogen brings high speed photography to the natural world

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J. Kim Vandiver and Candace Forbes looking on as Bert Forbes '66 holds a 3-D printed milk drop modeled after Doc Edgerton’s milk drop photo
Gift from Candace and Bert Forbes ’66 creates endowment to support directorship of the Edgerton Center

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Liuni and Heisser in class
Recreating experiments from history

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EVT's eSuperbike at the Isle of Man Competition
Electric Vehicle Team's energy efficient future

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After 3,022 km, at the finish line in Adelaide
SEVT's Arcturus completes the World Solar Challenge

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