Water drop on a butterfly wing
Kyle Hounsell creates high-speed images in the tradition of Edgerton, Vandiver

Pick up a copy of Nature or National Geographic, and you are bound to find a selection of... Read more

SEVT team members
Getting ready for summer solar vehicle race

MIT team members prepare "Valkyrie" for the American Solar Challenge race from Austin, TX to St... Read more

Jackie Sly '14 in the Formula SAE steel welded frame
Fast, furious, and soon to be electric

The MIT Formula SAE team heats up the road. This June the team will debut their new electric car... Read more

Jordan Stanway, Thaddeus Stefanov-Wagner, Fredi Lajvardi, Marty Klein, and Christian Arcega
Lights, camera, inspiration

Alumni from ROV team come to the Edgerton Center to play a part in a documentary film about the... Read more

Photo taken by students in Strobe Lab 6.163
High-Speed Imaging News

The Edgerton Center had a hand in the November cover of Nature Magazine. Edgerton Center... Read more

O'Bryant senior Suada Noor with photobot
The Pierce Charitable Trust awards the Edgerton Center $25,00

In December 2013, the Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust awarded a grant of $25,000 to the... Read more

EVT member Roberto Melendez, G, Kevin Smith, and Prof. J. Kim Vandiver
One 207 MPGe car, one author, and one engineer

MIT students had the chance to meet the 207 MPGe electric car, the author of Ingenious Jason... Read more

Two 5th grade teachers from Gloucester talk with an MIT graduate student
There’s a scientist in my classroom!

Before Jessica Garrett arrived at the Edgerton Center, she taught math and science to grades 3,... Read more

A self-propelling cocktail boat made in the Edgerton Student Shop
Made in the Edgerton Student Shop: Cocktail Boats

Lisa Burton SM ’09, PhD ‘13 and Nadia Cheng SM ’09, PhD ‘13 together with Professor of... Read more

Fundamentals of Electronics at I2 Camp
Edgerton Center's K-12 model of hands-on education spreads

With the aim of increasing the number of students and teachers inspired by the Edgerton Center... Read more