Area 51 CNC shop open for business

Area 51 is not only a U.S. Air Force facility in Nevada surrounded by secrecy, it is also the student-selected name of the newly enhanced machine shop, garage, and workspace at the Edgerton Center.

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Edgerton Center hosts Fixit Clinic #99

In the sprit of Doc Edgerton's knack for finding creative solutions to problems, Edgerton Center hosts Fixit Clinic #99.

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Machine shop builds lifelong skills

In its 15th year, the Edgerton Student Shop continues to entice students to build all manner of things

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Made in the Edgerton Student Shop: Cocktail Boats

Lisa Burton SM ’09, PhD ‘13 and Nadia Cheng SM ’09, PhD ‘13 together with Professor of Mathematics John Bush, chefs César Vega, and José Andrés have built miniature self-propelled boats for cocktail drinks. The blue and red boats were printed on the Dimension 3D printer in the Edgerton Student Shop.

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Meadowbrook School of Weston and Edgerton Center collaboration

The Meadowbrook School of Weston has announced an educational collaboration with the MIT Edgerton Center. In this collaboration, the MIT Edgerton Center

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MIT's First Ever Mini Maker Faire

Woven into the heart of the Edgerton Center’s mission is a focus on building, on working with one’s hands, on learning how to use tools and equipment in the service of an idea. So it was a welcome confirmation of our mission when a plan, hatched in early November 2013,

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MIT’s ‘Area 51’ goes beyond theory for the ultimate in hands-on learning

The Edgerton Center may pride itself on being among the most interesting places at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but it sure doesn’t look it from the street: A machine shop and garage for student projects, the center is tucked inside Building N51, one of those old, nondescript brick-and-concrete structures that dot the Cambridge campus.

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The Edgerton Center turns 20

Professor J. Kim Vandiver on the history and future of the Edgerton Center.

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Workshop for K-12 Maker Educators

Creating, Maintaining, and Enjoying Successful Makerspaces

Thanks to all the makers who attended our February workshop.  

Makerspaces are workshops with an emphasis on creativity, collaboration, and community in which students can learn, experiment with new tools, develop skills, and become innovators and designers. 

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