Water Piddler
  • Detail of Water Piddler
    Detail of Water Piddler

This display demonstrates the strobe light's ability to create optical illusions and to enable people to see images that occur too fast for the human eye to discern.


Press and hold the button in the lower left. This will start the flow of water, and after a 15 second delay, will start the strobe light flashes as well.

Once the light is on, you may spin the small rubber shaft in the lower right to control the rate and direction of the water droplet flow.


The strobe uses an electronic flash lamp that supplies a pulsing light, up to 10,000 flashes per second. The flashes at different time intervals make the drops look like they are standing still, moving forward or moving backward. (Turn knob to control the rate of strobe). Actually, the drops of water are not usually this big. The drops of water are so large because they are coming out of a pressurized control valve. This helps us see the water droplets better.