MIT: Fabricant el futur
  • Jordi Baste from TV3 approaching MITERS
  • TV3, No Pot Ser! MIT: Fabricant el futur
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Barcelona TV3 meets the Edgerton Center
Use closed caption for English translation

On a snowy week in January, Barcelona-based television journalist Jordi Baste visited MIT to film TV3’s “No Pot Ser!” (translation: It Can’t Be!).

MIT: Fabricant el futur is a 2-minute cut with Jordi Baste meeting students in the Edgerton Center’s Area 51 Shop “making their dreams a reality.” 

Turn on closed captions (cc)  at the bottom of the YouTube window to read the English translation of Jordi Baste's visit with students on the MIT Motorsports team. 

Watch the entire 49-minute episode, in Spanish, on TV3  where Baste meets the backflipping mini cheetah in action, talks with Technology Review editor Gideon Lichfield, and gets to know what makes MIT, MIT.