Short Program
  • A high-speed image of a bullet traveling through a crayon
    A high-speed image of a bullet traveling through a crayon
    Jim Bales

6.51s High-Speed Imaging for Motion Analysis: Systems and Techniques

The Edgerton Center's Short Program is designed for scientists, engineers, and photographers who need to gather data on rapidly moving subjects and events for study, motion analysis, and troubleshooting.

Jim BalesMornings are spent in the lecture hall learning the fundamentals of lighting, imaging technologies, and motion analysis. Afternoons are spent making high-speed images in the laboratory. In addition to the standard techniques, participants will try out the latest in high-speed-imaging equipment, with the manufacturer’s representatives there to provide hands-on education and experience with the systems.

Of particular interest is the latest trend of merging high-speed electronic images and instrumentation data for in-depth analysis of mechanical events. The scope of the program should make it invaluable to anyone who wishes to broaden his or her capabilities in the field of high-speed imaging.

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