Design Build Fly

The Design Build Fly team competes in the annual American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Design Build Fly Competition that takes place each April in Wichita, Kansas. 

Design Build Fly At a glance

Number of Members:

16 members in 2019-2020
Team leaders: 
  • Kate Brewer, Team Lead
  • Alex Patton, Chief Engineer
  • Amira Malik, Vice President
  • Talia Spitz, Mechanisms Sub Team Lead
  • Ngoc (Nicole) La, Propulsion Sub Team Lead
  • Brent Avery, Aerodynamics Sub Team Lead
Year began: 
N52 and the Gelb Lab in Bldg. 33
Past and Upcoming Events

In the 2018-2019 competition cycle, DBF team placed 7th out of over 100 collegiate teams from around the world with our aircraft B.I.G.B.O.I (aka Dragonfly). In the 2016-2017 competition cylce, our aircraft Puckey Hawk (aka Bumblebee) placed 4th in in an equally competitive environment. This year our aircraft must carry a banner baring our school name and carry simulated passengers and luggage in the form of wooden models and small rectangular prisms of our choice of material.

Join the Team

Design Build Fly general body meetings are 12-4pm on Saturdays in the Gelb Lab in the basement of Bldg 33. While we have a new member training program the beginning of the year we recommend new members attend, we always welcome new members at our meetings. Each of our sub teams determines separate meeting times throughout the week. There are also weekly exec meetings at 7pm in the Unified Lounge open to everyone but only required for exec members.

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