MIT Hyperloop III

MIT Hyperloop III is the third iteration of the MIT Hyperloop team. Stay tuned for updates as this team, building upon technology created by last year's Hyperloop II team, readies themselves to enter the competition for 2020 if they pass regulatiuons. 

The MIT Hyperloop III team is a group of multi-disciplinary MIT students collaborating to design and build a prototype to compete in Space X’s annual Hyperloop Pod Competition (Summer 2019). The pod design competition is intended to promote innovation in the monumental engineering challenge of developing the Hyperloop. The ultimate vision of the Hyperloop is to propel frictionless pods above 800mph through a partially evacuated tube. Hyperloop has the potential to transform personal and freight transportation as we know it.

MIT Hyperloop III At a glance

Number of Members:

13 members in 2020-2021
Team leaders: 
  • Katherine Mei Fong Liew
  • Michael Fonsuelo
Year began: 
Douglas Hart
Robert Shin