Robotic Futbol Club
  • A team of lunch-box-sized robots play soccer
  • Robocup team makes last-minute checks before the competition
    Robocup team makes last-minute checks before the competition
    Courtesy Robocup

The Robotic Futbol Club Cambridge (RFC-Cambridge), also known on campus as the Robocup team, is a joint MIT–Harvard group. We build and maintain a team of over six lunchbox-sized robots to play a soccer-like game against other teams at the international Robocup competition each summer. As a team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, we are dedicated to contribute to the field of autonomous robotics and give students at both MIT and Harvard a taste of engineering in the real world.

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Recent Activities

The team participated in the RoboCup2017 in Nagoya, Japan. In the past, the team has travelled to Hefei, China in 2015, to Lefkosa, Cyprus for the 2014 Near East University International Robotics Tournament, and to the Netherlands to participate in the summer 2013 Robocup Competition. Unfortunately, our team was not available for the 2016 competition in Leipzig, Germany.

Most Notable Moment

In an effort to pull an all-nighter, the team eventually fell asleep in Maxwell Dworkin Houst at Harvard where their robots play soccer. The team was woken up the next morning by a high school debating team who had been assigned the room for a debate compeitition. 

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