Solar Electric Vehicle Team
  • Solar Electric Vehicle Team's Flux on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge
  • Solar Car in Ford Wind Tunnel
    Solar Car in Ford Wind Tunnel
    Christopher Pentacoff
  • SEVT racing in the World Solar Challenge
    SEVT racing in the World Solar Challenge
  • SEVT team members
    Left to right: Liotta, Chang, Sloane, Uyehara, Kikani, Gonzalez, Fellows, and Chao
    Denis Paiste

The Solar Electric Vehicle Team is a student organization dedicated to designing, building, and racing solar-powered electric vehicles in long-distance endurance competitions.

Solar Electric Vehicle Team At a glance

Number of Members:

46 members in 2019-2020
Team leaders: 
  • Francis Wang
Year began: 
Team goals

The team is hard at work building Nimbus, the vehicle that will be raced in the 2020 American Solar Challenge. It will be a semi-monocoque catamaran-styled vehicle constructed out of carbon fiber composites with 4 square meters of solar panels and 20 kilograms of lithium-ion batteries.

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