Edgerton K–12 Program

Edgerton K–12 Program

The Edgerton Center’s hands-on science and engineering challenges educate and inspire kindergarten through 12th-grade students, aiming to increase their curiosity and desire to pursue these fields in their future. 

From intensive summer programs to daily classroom visits, from the curriculum we develop to the teachers we train, the spirit of learning by doing is embedded into all that we do. Focused on the Greater Boston area, with selected out-of-state and foreign endeavors, the Edgerton Center’s multifaceted approach supports over 150 on-campus classroom workshops annually, plus intensive summer programs, innovative curriculum, and teacher professional development. 

Thanks to the support of the Edgerton Family Foundation as well as the generous support of MIT alumni, students, friends, the GE Foundation,the Highland Street Foundation, and i2 Camp, the Edgerton Center is able to provide these opportunities at no or minimal cost.

Our collaborative relationships with other groups at and outside of MIT are dearly valued. These partners include, but are not limited to, the Center for Environmental Health Sciences, the MIT Museum, and beyond MIT, i2 Camp, Fletcher-Maynard Academy, The Winsor School, The Meadowbrook School, Cranbrook Schools, Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School

The Edgerton Center approach to educating the K-12 community is best summarized in the following video, "Don't Let Them Know They're Learning."