Other Summer Opportunities

MIT supports a number of opportunities for both students  and K-12 educators to engage in hands-on learning. 

Through a partnership that began in 2012, Edgerton Center instructors developed curriculum for numerous course offered by i2 Camps to expand our learning experiences beyond the Edgerton Center. Fundamentals of Electronics, Engineering Design Workshop: Underwater Robots, TechnoThreads, Rocketry, Digital Game Design, Pinhole Photography, and i2 on the Air. i2 Camps is a network of middle school science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) camps offered in 100+ locations nationwide and sites in Jordan and Kenya. Visit i2 Camps online to find out more about camp sessions and to apply.

MIT also has a number of camps and activities for middle and high school students, such as the Women's Technology Program, the Office of Engineering Outreach Programs, the STEM Summer Institute, and many others. Another place to begin looking for summer opportunities at MIT is outreach.mit.edu

For K-12 Teachers interested in learning how to set up Makerspaces and use common Maker tools, check out our menu of Summer K-12 Maker Skills Workshops.

As well, the MIT Admissions site has links to several interesting STEM summer programs all over the country for high schoolers.