• a facilitator shows 2 teachers a pile of example projects
  • two teachers work together on a tiny house as part of a Maker warm-up exercise
  • 2 teachers looking at a 2D design space together


The K-12 Maker team at the Edgerton Center offers workshops to help K-12 educators integrate a Maker mindset and a technology skillset into the classroom, no matter what subject they're teaching.

Makerspaces nurture creativity, collaboration, and community. As Makers, students can become innovators and designers in their own right. They learn creative habits, use new tools, and develop new skills. While exciting digital tools may draw students in, it's the power to learn and create that keeps them engaged.

The design and implementation of a Makerspace is critical to its success. An effective Makerspace leader knows that projects, training, community, and academic integration are just as important as tools and materials. That's why the K-12 Maker workshop team is here to help. Our workshop team is made up of experienced educators who have taught in both formal classrooms and informal out-of-school-time settings. We offer two kinds of professional development experiences to help educators engage their students with Making:

  • Maker Skills Workshops - spend a day learning tried-and-true ways to set up your school’s Makerspace, design high-impact Maker projects, or use Maker technologies, including 3-D printers, laser/vinyl cutters, electronics, and physical computing.
  • Project Design and Team Capacity-building - in our Master Making in the Classroom series, participants work over the course of a semester designing, planning, and executing Maker projects from start to finish. Participants meet for a series of in-person workshops to use our Maker Methodology planning tools, share and develop ideas, and grow to lead effective Making at their schools.

Learn how to design Maker projects for any classroom, set up a school Makerspace, choose the right tools, and teach your students how to use them - find this and more free resources at our K-12 Maker site

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