New home for the Edgerton Center Student Shop
Monday, October 28, 2019

The Edgerton Center Student Shop has found a new home. Beginning life in 1998 in the basement of Building 44 at 51 Vassar Street, the Student Shop is now in much finer digs in Building 6C-006.

The newly built out 1,600 square foot space has central air conditioning—a luxury not found in the Building 44 shop—and 29-foot ceilings, with the potential for a mezzanine floor. On the other side of the space is the Project Manus “Metropolis” shop which, with the Edgerton Center Student Shop, will share a “hot room” for welding, cutting, and grinding.

Just around the corner in Building 4, a few steps away, is the MIT Glass Lab and the Merton C. Flemings Materials Processing Lab where the forge and foundry are located.

MIT students now have, in the heart of MIT, four shops where they can forge, cut, roll, blow, cast, print, weld, or machine their myriad artifacts and creations. The possibilities are (dare we say) Infinite.

Stay tuned for the Edgerton Center Student Shop Grand Opening Celebration in January.