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Grungy Groundwater is an excellent activity for demonstrating groundwater flow. Flow rates through a variety of soils are compared, and then pollutants are added in order to monitor the filtration process that occurs in various soils. The second half of the activity uses the information and skills learned through the comparisons, and challenges the students to become “polluters for a day.”  Students are given the basic story line of a fictional town and its drinking water supply. Next, they are asked to decide on a location for hiding an unwanted barrel of pollutant. Once the groundwater starts flowing, the students can see if they predicted the movement of the water well enough to keep their illegal activities from being detected. The health aspects of contaminated groundwater are discussed, as well as methods of testing and containing contaminants already present in a system.

Follow the links below to learn how to create the materials for your own groundwater activity.

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Student activity pages

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Directions on how to build and buy materials

There are quite a few things that you are not only going to need to purchase, but also, in many cases, assemble. The PDFs below will help you plan your shopping lists and then guide you once you’ve got all of your goodies together.

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