Engineering Design Workshop (EDW)
  • Students in Engineering Design Workshop
    Jonathan Dietz
  • Students in the Engineering Design Workshop
    Jonathan Dietz
  • Students in Engineering Design Workshop
    Jonathan Dietz
  • Working it out in Engineering Design Workshop
    Jonathan Dietz
  • Interviews with participants in the four-week summer engineering program
    Melanie Gonick

For rising ninth through 12th grade students. 

Though current policies restrict on-campus programs, we're excited to offer the EDW experience in a shorter, remote format.  This year we're offering two weeks of topics, led by our mentors and staff, and chosen by you!

Apply now! EDW 2020 Application.

In our application, you'll see four possible topics to be taught during the week of June 22nd and June 29th.  Which topics are taught and when will be determined by your interest, so let us know what you're excited about and we will announce the topics alongside what applications are accepted. Topics to be considered are listed below: 

  • Intro Computer Assisted Design (CAD)
  • Digital Logic with Arduino and the Internet of Things
  • Photography and Art for Engineers: Observing the World Around You
  • Film and Comic Book Physics: Estimation and Statistics
  • We hope to be able to accommodate everybody and will only limit applications if the number of students exceeds the number of students to whom we can give ample attention.  

Students must be 14 years of age by July 1st, 2020 to participate.


Full group video calls will be scheduled between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm EST.  The exact timing and duration based on the needs of each topic, but will not exceed this window.  Students will also be asked to do work on their own time, with the ability to meet in small groups and with mentors ad hoc later in the day.


Currently meetings are planning on being held via Zoom, but we are evaluating other platforms.  All meeting and files haring software will either be free to use or a subscription will be provided at no additional charge.


The cost per week is $200.

Applications are now closed. However if you are still interested in the program, please email and let us know your interest in the program.

In addition, anyone taking part in these topics this year (whether one week or both) will be invited to a team building and leadership webinar at no additional charge (exact date to be scheduled in early July).  We're taking the experience of developing project groups in EDW for the past 13 years and hoping to give you insight on how you can be a better part of your own teams and help develop your leadership and public speaking style. 

Any questions?

Feel free to reach out to