Maker Projects for Social Justice in K-12
Support the development of an online course that we have outlined Making Conversations: Maker projects in K-12 to express racial and social justice issues and participate in online learning with teachers.
Affiliated faculty: 

Seeking:  4 undergrads interested in K-12 education and the Maker culture

Student responsibilities:

  • Learn the strategies and tools developed at the MIT Edgerton Center for integrating hands on Maker/STEM projects into K-12 academic learning.
  • Learn how to use a variety of Maker tools (3D printer, laser cutter, electronics, sewing, etc).
  • Research the needs and choices of K-12 teachers for social/racial justice curriculum and review various curricula.
  • Develop projects that integrate Maker projects and social justice curricula.  Focus on a specific school or educator.
  • Serve as a technical coach for the educators in implementing the project in the classroom
  • Document the process including research, planning, experiences, results


Contact: Diane Brancazio, Instructor, MIT Edgerton Center

2020-08-31 to 2020-12-09
In progress
Project type: 
Experiential Learning Project