Maker projects for Social Justice in K-12
Develop online course on racial & social justice issues
Affiliated faculty: 

Support the development of an online course that we have outlined: Making Conversations: Maker projects in K-12 to express racial and social justice issues, and participate in online learning with teachers.  

K12 teachers are including anti-racism and social justice units and themes in their teaching in an effort to raise awareness and help students grapple with these complex issues.  We plan to leverage the many good existing curriculum resources and help teachers facilitate student expression using hands-on, creative Maker tools and materials (laser/vinyl cutters, 3D printers, electronics, coding).  Students will gain technological skills and confidence in their technological capabilities while expressing their thoughts and feelings about racism and other social issues.


Seeking: 4 undergrads interested in K-12 education and the Maker culture

Student responsibilities:

  • Learn the strategies and tools developed at the MIT Edgerton Center for integrating hands on Maker/STEM projects into K-12 academic learning.
  • Learn how to use a variety of Maker tools (3D printer, laser cutter, electronics, sewing, etc).
  • Research the needs and choices of K-12 teachers for social/racial justice curriculum and review various curricula.
  • Develop projects that integrate Maker projects and social justice curricula. Focus on a specific school or educator.
  • Serve as a technical coach for the educators in implementing the project in the classroom.
  • Document the process including research, planning, experiences, results.

Contact: Diane Brancazio, Instructor, MIT Edgerton Center

Apply by 9/10/2020, Start 9/14/2020, End 12/18/2020

2020-08-31 to 2020-12-09
In progress
Project type: 
Experiential Learning Project