Media Database and Storytelling for Edgerton Programs
  • The IInfamous Wall of Iteration
    The Infamous Wall of Iteration
Documenting past outreach to support community and future projects
Affiliated faculty: 
In the 14+ years that programs such as Engineering Design Workshop have been run through the Edgerton Center, a wealth of photos, videos, and testimonials have been gathered, and a community has been formed around the shared interests.  Now, we would like to both gather that media into a searchable database for the purposes of use within our community, and also (with permission) share those stories with the outside world to reinforce the efficacy of what we do and the reasons why.  Whether this is creating a new platform or integrating with an existing application is an exploration to be determined by the students involved.

We're looking for 2 students who:

  • Can devote 4-6 hours a week to compiling the database and building from it
  • Have an interest in communications/social media, and crafting a compelling story


For more information, contact Ed Moriarty (

2020-08-31 to 2020-12-09
In progress
Project type: 
Experiential Learning Project