Mentoring First-Years in Experiential Learning
  • Students in the 2018 Engineering Design Workshop wiring the battery for their Segway/Numbus 2000 Broomstick
Mentor fellow MIT students as they develop interesting builds that teach scientific concepts
Affiliated faculty: 
Modeled after a summer program that brings experiential learning to high school students, Engineering Design Workshop (EDW) is designed to let people explore and build creative projects in small teams.  After a successful remote version executed this summer with students around the world, we're running the program with first-years in the fall, and are looking for mentors to help teams on both a technical and project planning level.  The program will take place over the fall semester, with teams of MIT students designing and building projects both for their own education, and as a vessel for teaching scientific concepts to K-12 students, both locally and abroad.

We're looking for ~6 students who:
  • Can devote 6-10 hours a week to mentoring and working with their team.
  • Have an interest in creative solutions to teaching scientific concepts.
  • Are interested in mentoring their fellow MIT students, and receiving feedback.
  • Can meet regularly with their team members to facilitate the projects.
For more information, contact Chris Mayer ( and Ed Moriarty (
2020-08-31 to 2020-12-09
In progress
Project type: 
Experiential Learning Project