The Student Project Lab is now open to on-campus students for Makerlodge hours!   

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the hours are limited, but may increase as restrictions are lifted.

Open hours are:
Tuesday evenings 4pm to 7pm
Thursday evenings 4pm to 7pm

We offer DIY access and these training classes.  

  • Orientation - 15 minutes or more to get acquainted with the shop tools, materials, and customs
  • DIY time - work independently using tools you have been trained on. Staff are available to help out. One-hour blocks
  • Digital Tool training - 3-D printer, Laser Cutter, and Vinyl Cutter,  one-hour class
  • Hand and Electronic Tool training - Manual tools and Electronics - Drill Press, Scroll Saw, Band Saw, Wiring and Solder stations, One-hour class
See the sign-up spreadsheet for dates and times

Sign up rules:

  • Sign up for one hour at a time.  If no one is signed up 30 minutes before the next hour, you are free to stay on.
  • Sign ups for Orientation and Tool training must be made by 2:00 P.M. the day of the class.  If there are open spaces after 2:00 P.M., the time may be used for DIY time. Please sign up in the training box with "DIY" next to your name.

Make sure to complete the EHS online safety training and agree to Makerlodge policies and procedures as detailed on this page


Create your own Aurora BEAVERalis during the Electronics and Digital Tool training! 

Electronics training: Wire the circuit on your Aurora BEAVERalis.  Strip wires, install the LEDs, and solder connections.

3-D printer training: Make the battery holder for your Aurora BEAVERalis. Prepare the part, choose a color, set up the machine, and run the job.

Laser cutter training: Make the front wood piece for your Aurora BEAVERalis. hoose and preepare the graphic, set up the machine, and run the job.

Sign up on this spreadsheet.  

Questions?  Contact Assistant Shop Manager Christopher Miller '21