Omax 5555 Water Jet Machining Center
  • Omax Water Jet Cutting Machine

The OMAX 5555 JetMachining® Center is a perfect fit for shops needing a machine with a smaller footprint but capable of cutting 4 foot x 4 foot. It is a cantilever-style machine, comes standard with the OMAX MAXJET® 5i Nozzle, and boasts a cutting tolerance of ±0.003"(±0.08 mm). With a completely sealed and protected Ball Screw Drive System, this robust and reliable workhorse is perfect for shops cutting projects needing high precision.

  • Table size of 6' 8" x 5' 5" (2032 mm x 1650 mm)
  • Rapid water level control for submerged cutting
  • A work envelope offering an X-Y cutting travel of 4' 7" x 4' 7" (1397 mm x 1397 mm)
Waterjet Cutting