Media & Production

Not all classes are available every term.  Please look at individual listings or course schedule to see what is offered.

Creative Imaging

Focuses on film and digital photography. Develops skill in the use of chemical darkrooms, scanners, digital printers and cameras to create striking still images capable of evoking strong emotional and intellectual responses from a viewer. Emphasizes the interplay between classical chemical and digital techniques and how they can be used to control the use of lighting, color, depth, and composition in an image.

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Digital and Darkroom Imaging

Students use both film and digital photography to develop a creative imaging project of their own choice. Develops skills in the use of image editing software to enhance, select, and combine images that the student has taken. Uses the darkroom to develop film for scanning and for chemical enlargement. Discusses topics such as the camera, composition, lighting, modes and formats, image compression, and halftone and dye sublimation printing. Students are expected to produce a duplicate set of black and white and/or color prints, along with a writeup and digital copy as the project output.

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Visualization for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education - EC.210

Introduces principles and techniques for visual communication of educational concepts in mathematics, the natural sciences, and engineering. Students complete interactive assignments and class activities in visual arts media, such as photography, illustration, stop-motion and computer animation, and web graphics. A final project in a visual arts medium of the student's choice must meet professional aesthetic standards for visualization; it must also be applicable for teaching and learning concepts in mathematics, science, or engineering in a formal or informal setting.

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