Competitions ahead for clubs and teams
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Edgerton Center provides over a dozen student-led engineering teams with the workshop space and resources they need to carry out their passion projects, ranging from electric vehicles to competitive robotics to launching rockets past the Kármán line.

This summer, three teams are traveling to competitions in the US and as far away as Japan. The Spokes team is cycling from D.C. to San Francisco, holding learning festivals at camps, libraries, and schools. In October, the Solar Electric Vehicle Team will be in Australia. If you are in the neighborhood of the competition, take the time to attend and cheer the team on. 

June 20 - June 24: MIT Rocket Team

The MIT Rocket Team will head to Las Cruces, New Mexico to compete in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC). Student rocketry teams from across the country and around the world will compete. 

June 21 – 24: MIT Motorsports aka Formula SAE

MIT Motorsports will be racing their electric single-seat race car in the Society of Automotive Engineers Collegiate Series at the Lincoln Airpark in Lincoln, Nebraska. Teams are judged on their overall design, construction, performance and cost.

July 25 - July 31: MIT Robotics Team

The MIT Robotics team will be competing in the Middle Size League RoboCup 2017 Robocup Rescue competition in Nagoya, Japan. The team competes with a robot that carries out disaster operations in a hypothetical disaster scenario such as an earthquake. 

October 8 - 15: MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team

The Solar Electric Vehicle Team will begin their solar-powered journey across the Australian outback, from Darwin to Adelaide, in the World Solar Challenge