STEM Projects

For rising 4th through 12th graders and more broadly, teachers, students, and learners of all ages

The Edgerton Center's "Do-It-Yourself" instructional guides promote STEM skills and awareness. While each guide contains materials lists and step-by-step procedures, we encourage you to pursue the learning goals as you see fit—substituting materials, tinkering, and exploring concepts as your interest leads. 

Amplifier with Piezo Pickup

Combine a mono amplifier board kit, a piezo electric disk, and a potentiometer to make a custom amplifier with a contact pickup.

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Arduino Garden

Introduce physical computing with the Arduino Garden! Use electronic devices to sense the environment and create physical actions.

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Arduino Particle Meter

Introduce students to real world data collection by measuring particulates in the air with a handheld device that they make themselves. Code for this Arduino-based device is provided, and no soldering is required.

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Copper Pipe Glockenspiel

Investigate the physics of sound and musical pipes while building your own musical instrument! Learn fabrication techniques, practice math skills, and use app technology as you build.

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Kinetic Sculpture - Newly Revised!

Students are introduced to key concepts and skills of kinetic sculpture, including balance, gearing, energy sources and design-oriented thinking.

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Light-Up Tiles

Get creative with electronics! Build your own mosaic of light-up tiles on a magnetic board.

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