Independent Projects

A core element of the Edgerton Center’s mission is to provide students with the resources they need to turn their own project ideas into reality. Such self-initiated projects can be the most valuable educational experience of a student’s time at MIT.

Students can access an extensive selection of equipment and tools in the Student Shop (44-023) and in Strobe Alley (4-409), along with the expertise of the instructors. Whether a student is building a do-it-yourself Segway, fabricating tools for the developing world, or creating a robot submarine, the options for independent projects range wide and far. These projects can be carried out for credit, as a UROP, or simply informally.

Prince Rupert's Drops breaking

Prince Ruperts Drops

The goal of this project was to create an apparatus that would allow one to reliably capture images of Prince Rupert's...

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Dana Gretton beside the musical laser harp

Fog Machine for Musical Laser Harp

Dana Gretton designed and fabricated an extremely small fog machine that is embedded behind the plexiglass and render...

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Prototype of algorithim sorter

Algorithim Sorter

An Edgerton Center student team is developing museum exhibits as part of its STEM-related outreach efforts. To complement...

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