• The Edgerton Center offers a wide range of subjects for MIT students

    The Edgerton Center offers a wide range of subjects for MIT students

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  • MIT Robotics Team building their planetary rover

    MIT Robotics team building their planetary rover

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  • D-Lab provides students with the opportunity to make a real impact on people living in poverty

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  • Red water drop, black background

    A water drop collision by Hounsell, Mislick, Gunning, and Moriarty

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  • 3-d printer

    We now have STEM curriculum modules for the classroom environment and beyond.

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  • Welding in the Area 51 Shop

    Welding in the Area 51 Shop

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About the Edgerton Center

Build prototypes, learn new skills, explore madcap ideas, and get advice and encouragement — the Edgerton Center is the place where mind and hand come together.

Duncan Wheeler photographs his team's constructed underwater world

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Sparks of electricity illuminate the air between two tesla coils at MOS

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MIT Hyperloop Wins SpaceX Hyperloop Design Competition! 

The MIT Hyperloop team was awarded first place at the Hyperloop Pod Design Competition at Texas A&M University. The team earned one of 22 spots and will now go on to build the actual pod and race at the track, now under construction, in Hawthorne California. Read more...