DNA & Protein Sets

The MIT molecular models are designed to teach cell processes in addition to molecular structure. 

MIT Edgerton Center DNA/RNA Sets

Available now!
Students can perform DNA replication, mRNA transcription, DNA damage, DNA mutation, DNA repair, and more.

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MIT Edgerton Center Protein Sets

Coming soon!
Students can build and fold proteins, learn about hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions, demonstrate all 4 levels of protein structure, and more.

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MIT Edgerton Center tRNA Sets

Coming soon! With all 3 kits (DNA/RNA, Protein, and tRNA), students will be able to complete protein synthesis, transcribing a gene into mRNA, translating the mRNA into a protein chain, and folding the protein chain into a functional shape.

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Prototype LEGO Sets: DNA/RNA, Protein, and tRNA

The MIT prototype models made from LEGO bricks are not available for purchase. Our own patented DNA/RNA sets are available for purchase.

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