Using Indigenous methodologies and engineering for rockets and payloads. 

First Nations Launch is an annual NASA Artemis student challenge centered around designing, building, simulating, testing, and launching a single-stage rocket and payload. At MIT, we use Indigenous methodologies and structures in our team to learn and understand how we as engineers can shape the world around us through aerospace and beyond. We also seek to build better relationships with our local Indigenous nations to be of service in sharing our experiences and knowledges of science and space.


Number of Members:
8 members in 2022-2023

Team leaders:

  • Hailey Polson, Team Captain
  • Nicole McGaa, Project Manager

Year Began:


  • Jeffrey Hoffman
  • Nina Lytton

Location: Indigenous Peoples' Center, W31-221

    Joining the team:

    • Email if interested, or would like to drop in on our weekly team meetings!

    The Indigenous rocketeer
    Nature magazine, August 17 2023

    Sponsorship Opportunities:
    General Corporate Sponsor ($1000) – official company logo will appear on competition rocket airframe