Clubs and Teams
  • The three-wheeled Valkyrie with an aluminum-carbon-fiber composite chassis
  • FSAE placed seventh in 2014 FSAE Lincoln Competition
  • Fabricating the FSAE Race Car
  • SEVT racing in the World Solar Challenge
  • Marine Robotic Team in Ketchikan, Alaska with their underwater glider

Clubs and Teams

We believe that learning outside the classroom can be as formative as what happens inside the classroom. 

The Edgerton Center's clubs and teams program supports students with the resources, expertise, and encouragement to take on all manner of engineering challenges—designing and fabricating solar cars, robotic soccer players, underwater gliders, and formula-style cars—for fun and for competition around the world. For students, there is a deep educational benefit when they conceive of, plan, fundraise, and execute a project of substantive scope primarily on their own.