Clubs and Teams
  • MIT Driverless partnered with Delft University on a driverless electric vehicle. The team placed second at the Formula SAE in Italy in July.
  • MIT Motorsports at the 2018 Collegiate Competition
  • MIT Robotics Team building their planetary rover
    MIT Robotics Team build their planetary rover
    Cattalyya Nuengsigkapian '19
  • SEVT in the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
    SEVT in the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
    Christopher Pentacoff

Clubs and Teams

Learning outside the classroom is oftentimes just as valuable—and sometimes can be more formative—than what happens inside the classroom.

Our clubs and teams program provides students with the resources, expertise, and encouragement to take on all kinds of engineering challenges for fun and competition around the world. Whether it’s a solar car, a battlebot, or a rocket, students learn vital skills in team work, fundraising, project planning, and engineering a project from start to finish.

As Luis Mora ’18 said to President Rafael Reif while showing him around our Area 51 CNC Shop, “This is where I got my education.”