Make It to Break It was founded by a group of MIT students in March of 2022 with the goal of building things to break world records!

Our current project is to break the record for the world's largest Rube Goldberg machine with a goal of more than 500 actions! We comprise about 50 students from MIT and beyond, all of whom are dedicated to using their creative and technical skills to create things the world has never seen.


Number of Members:
34 members in 2021-2022

Team leaders:
Kanokwan Tungkitkancharoen, Alexander Greer, Ian Rosado, Frankie Schulte, Claire Lu

Year began:

N51 Milkdrop

Join the team:
We welcome all MIT students of all years! Check out our website for information on how to join. We're looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting!

Team Website: