Our mission is to make the world more accessible to everyone by building connections within our community and fostering collaborative efforts to create inclusive technology. Through AT@MIT, we introduce students to the fun (and challenging) design space of assistive technology while building connections between community members, engineers, and designers. We hope to inspire participants to pursue projects in the AT space in the future.

MIT Assistive Technology (AT) Club introduces students to the fun (and challenging) design space of assistive technology. Small teams of students design and engineer solutions directly with disabled users, whom we call codesigners. Throughout the year, we guide teams through a process of ideation, design, prototyping, and iteration. By the end of the year, they create a technology or device that helps enhance their codesigner’s abilities. All majors and experience levels are welcome as we hope students learn from each other and the codesigners. 

This year, Assistive Technology (AT) Club is working on 6 projects spanning topics such as: 

  • Robotics 
  • Mobility
  • Braces and prosthetics
  • Wheelchair improvements
  • Blind assistance

Through AT, we hope that participants are inspired to pursue projects in the AT space in the future! Our progress and showcase projects will be posted on our instagram and website, so please check us out! 



Number of Members:
35 members in 2023-2024

Team leaders:
Aileen Liao, Max Burns, Ben Lou, Ana Camba Gomes, Andy Shim, Josh Osifo, Chloe Smith

Year Began:

Professor Martha Gray


Upcoming Events (dates TBD): 

  • Meet and Mingle (internal mixer/movie night across internal AT teams)
  • Edgerton Mixers across teams (DFB and us)
  • Speakers (Blade Kotelly, TBD)
  • Fall Showcase
  • Spring Showcase

Team Website