For Rising 9th Grade Girls

Do you like science, but maybe your grades don't always reflect it? Our four-day summer program is an on-campus, low-pressure science and engineering program for girls entering ninth grade in the fall. (We are NOT residential, so local students only, please!)


The program provides an introductory sampling of hands-on science and engineering activities mixed with high school preparatory sessions. This is a program that is centered on small group interactions, hands-on learning opportunities (with extensive materials needs) and near-peer mentoring with MIT college students.  Girls build motorized LEGO® cars, experiment with strobe-light photography, “breed” with LEGO fish cells to understand the relationships between genes and traits, and more. Any girl from the greater Boston area who can commute to our program on the MIT campus is eligible to attend.

There is a suggested materials donation of $100.00.

The program runs from 8:30am- 2:30pm. Families are expected to be responsible for transportation to and from the MIT campus. Time is set aside each day for a brown bag lunch break.

We have closed the application process for our 2024 season, and decisions will be shared by May 8th.  Thanks for your interest!

Two Sessions in 2024

There will be two sessions in 2024, both with the same content.  Our dates will be:

  • July 30 - August 2, 2024
  • August 6 - August 9, 2024

Sample Schedule (from Summer 2023)

Four day calendar with morning and afternoon activities indicated
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