MIT Parking permits can be purchased for $34.00 at least 5 business days in advance of your visit. Credit card payment (only MasterCard and Visa can be accepted, not American Express) can be made on this page. Please note that credit card payments can only be made with Visa or MasterCard, not American Express. 

If paying by check or purchase order, please make payable to MIT and mail to MIT Edgerton Center | Attn: Sandi Lipnoski | 77 Massachusetts Ave.  | 4-408  | Cambridge, MA 02139

Oversize vehicles require additional time to process, and park in an alternate location.  Please email  Sandi or call her at 617-253-4629.
Method of Payment
Shipping Address
Fill in if requesting hard copy permits (oversized vehicles only).
Billing Address
Parking Permit Quantity
$34 apiece