For rising ninth through 12th grade students. 

With a year of remote versions of in-person programs behind us, we're excited to run a virtual version of Engineering Design Workshop, integrating the lessons we've learned. With that in mind, we're looking for students and groups a little differently than we have in the past. This year we're asking students to 1) find a group they can work with before our program begins and 2) find a central location and responsible adult willing to help that group.

While we can't meet in person at MIT, we find that groups are most successful when they can work together. We hope that the pandemic continues to improve into the summer, and that groups will be able to work together in person at a place of their choosing. There is a culture and an enthusiasm we find is built through in-person work. Traditionally, groups of 4 to 5 students are most successful, but 3 and 6 also work well.

We've also found that shipping parts to individual students is not only difficult, but also makes collective work more complicated. We also had to limit the scope of projects last year without any kind of local adult support. Because of this, we're asking students to help centralize their work. We highly encourage groups to work with their school and find a teacher or administrator willing to support them in this way, and we're happy to help in that conversation and talk about what it has been like at other schools around the world. To the adults looking to support groups in this way, we imagine the time commitment could be as little as an hour a week, mainly supporting safety and logistics.

We're committed to supporting hands-on learning through EDW this summer. Part of the process will be a group "interview" over Zoom to talk about specifics, to introduce you to our project ideation process, and to let you know about how we do things at Edgerton. Given the changes to the program, price and cost will be announced shortly but, as we've said in the past, cost should not be a barrier for accepted students to take part in EDW.

Thank you, and please contact us with any questions.

Ed Moriarty and Chris Mayer