A Makerspace before the term was invented, the Edgerton Center Student Project Lab (Room 4-409) is home to a community of students who meet to tinker, experiment, design, build, learn, and have fun while doing it!

The space is designed to provide inspiration and promote inquiry, while encouraging community and collaboration. Students have access to tools and materials to support projects that involve combinations of mechanical, electronic, artistic, and musical elements. Our space is staffed by amazing student mentors who are here to help you with your projects - from accessing and using tools to brainstorming solutions. 4-409 is open to all students during staffed and mentored hours, and 24/7 tap card access is available to anyone.


There are no mentor hours or new member orientations during Summer or IAP.

A new mentor hours schedule will be released in the first week or two of the spring and fall semesters. While 4-409 remains open to students with tap access, there are special programs that use the space over the summer. Check the calendar before coming by. 

The space must be kept ready to go - do not disturb supplies that are set up for the next day, and make sure to thoroughly clean up after yourself.



Email us at 4-409staff@mit.edu