A Makerspace before the term was invented, the Edgerton Center Student Project Lab (Room 4-409) is home to a community of students who meet to tinker, experiment, design, build, learn, and have fun while doing it.

Our space is staffed by amazing student mentors who are here to help you with your projects - from accessing and using tools to brainstorming solutions.

4-409 is open to all students during staffed and mentored hours, and 24/7 tap card access is available to anyone!

The space is designed to provide inspiration and promote inquiry, while encouraging community and collaboration. Students have access to tools and materials to support projects that involve combinations of mechanical, electronic, artistic, and musical elements.


Staff-supervised hours*:

Monday - Friday 10am-5pm

*Subject to staff availability - email us to confirm availability/schedule if important!

Mentor Hours:

Monday 2:30pm - 5pm
Tuesday 5pm - 10pm
Wednesday 5pm - 10pm
Thursday 5pm - 9pm
Friday 4pm - 6pm
Saturday 5pm - 7:30pm
Sunday 2:30pm - 10pm

Orientation is available during any mentored hours.

Card Access:

24/7 except during classes and events. Want card access? See below!